Preparing for exchange

today marks just one more week until i leave for exchange, I could not be more nervous and excited. Over the last few weeks my days have been filled with preparations, farewells and cleaning.

Preparing the things i am taking over seas with me was very difficult, i didn’t realize how many clothes i had until i actually sat down and went through them all. I had to buy toiletries, prepare my bank account, write a speech, make slideshows and more all in the last week or so. Being extra thorough with everything so i wont forget a thing. I’m anxious about a lot of things to do with exchange but one of the main ones is forgetting something important. To help me remember everything i have made quite a few lists with absolutely everything i can think of on them, but i still have that worry in the back of my mind. Another thing I’ve had to do for preparing is saying farewell to my friends and family.

Over the last 2 weeks since Christmas I’ve had a lot of people to say goodbye too, It’s hard to say goodbye to someone knowing you wont see them for a whole year but it’s not as if i wont get to talk to them. We are lucky that we have access to texting and phone calls because it makes communication so much easier. Telling myself this a lot has made the whole goodbye process easier because really all I’m saying goodbye to is seeing them in person because i know we can still communicate really easy.

The last major thing I’ve been doing to prepare for exchange would have to be cleaning, cleaning out my room that is. And I’m not sure if I’m just unmotivated or my fear of spiders has taken over but the process has been going slow. Just a week after I’m gone someone will be living in my room which makes it feel odd as i have been cleaning my room because I’m not just cleaning it for me, I’m cleaning it for someone else to live in. But I’ve set myself a deadline to have it all done by next Thursday, which it will be.

So now this blog post ends as the last one i write in Australia, the next time i write a blog i will be in a whole other country, living with a different family, I could not be more nervous.

Until next time

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